AKKORD - Collaborative Data Science Platform & Services for the Manufacturing Industry

Interconnected and integrated application of industrial data analysis for the value creating, competence oriented collaboration in dynamic supply chains

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Project Agenda for IDS Expo: Integration of Data Science into Value Creation Networks:

12:30 - 13:00 CEST: “Integrated Databackend System for Consistent Data Access”

In the context of the AKKORD research project, a powerful and configurable backend is needed. Contact Software and the Institute for Virtual Product Engineering (VPE) are currently developing a suitable solution on the basis of current research and the Contact Elements platform. The backend system will be able to integrate multiple data sources and prepare the data for the envisioned analysis modules. In our presentation at IDS, we will show current concepts and a preview of the corresponding implementation.

13:00 - 13:30 CEST: “Tool-Kit for Modular and Assisted Data Science Work Flows”

Within the research project, an integrated, data-driven toolbox for industrial data analysis will be developed and implemented as a collaborative service platform. Customizable solution modules such as pre-configured software modules for data analysis, as well as recommendations for action for network collaboration and business models, competence development, and the analysis and integration of knowledge and data will be developed, tested and validated in the project. The analysis modules to be developed will be implemented based on the classic order processing process of an industrial company. The currently planned format of the implementations are Customized RapidMiner Operators, which are developed and provided within the AKKORD Use Cases.

13:30 - 14:00 CEST: “Collaborative Service Platform for Competence Developement”

NEOCOSMO is part of the consortium project “Cross-linked and integrated application of industrial data analysis for value-creating, competence-oriented collaboration in dynamic value networks” (AKKORD). Here, NEOCOSMO pursues the goal of creating a digital solution for knowledge transfer that can be used at any time by employees in SMEs to develop competencies – to provide knowledge formally, as well as informally and “on demand”. To reach this goal NEOCOSMO is developing a collaborative service and learning platform for competence development. Preliminary results of the platform development will be presented at the IDS 2020.


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Short description

The aim of the research project “Networked and integrated application of industrial data analysis for value-creating, competence-oriented collaboration in dynamic value-added networks” (AKKORD) is to develop a modular, data-driven reference toolkit that supports companies in the design and integration of dynamic collaborations for industrial data analysis.

This kit covers the service areas “Collaboration & Business Models”, “Analysis Modules & Configuration” and “Competencies & Recommendations for Action”. It only develops its full cross-company and cross-functional potential through the semantic networking of data through a powerful data back-end system that manages the heterogeneous data and embeds it in the modular system.

The modular solution modules developed from the basic concept support the actors in the dynamic value-added network. These are procedural models, tools for professional and technical data analysis, accompanying integration, training and consulting services as well as enablers to build and consolidate competencies for data analysis in companies. The focus is on a) the design of networked offers or b) the provision of “best practices” including the implementation of demonstration and pilot applications. Success factors and design recommendations contribute to the targeted development of collaborative business models, ranging from an overview of adaptable business models to specific design recommendations for application scenarios. On the technical side are among others.


Within the scope of AKKORD, an integrated, data-driven reference building block for industrial data analysis is being developed and implemented as a collaborative service platform. Here, solution components such as software modules, recommendations for action or consulting services for collaboration and business models, competence development and assurance as well as analysis and networking of data are developed, tested and validated. Publicity-based forms of project results and prototypical implementation of application scenarios ensure the dissemination, applicability and later exploitation of the results.

Scientific and technical work goals:

In order to achieve the objective of the research project AKKORD, the following scientific and technical objectives are pursued.

  • New collaboration opportunities and business models
  • Competence development and assurance in value creation networks
  • Integrated and networked analysis of industrial data
  • Creation of a comprehensive and networked database
  • Integrated, modular reference kit

Ressources available for download

AKKORD project overview (English)

Download an overview of the use cases (english) here

AKKORD poster (German)

Download the Project poster (german) here

Further information can be found on the Project Website https://akkord-projekt.de/en/